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KY-BIO COVID-19 Ag Test Kit can Effectively Detect Omicron Variant Strains and Continues To Contribute To the Global Anti Epidemic

On November 25, South Africa reported the emergence of a new coronavirus variantstrain Omicron to WHO. According to the bioinformatics analysis of monoclonalantibody bind...




KY-BIO 21 Products with 186 Specifications were Shortlisted for Centralized Procurement of Medical Consumables

Recently, through enterprise quotation, online bidding, expert review, one-time and two-timeprice negotiation, 21 products of KY-BIO, with a total of 186 specifications,w...




Collision Development, Innovation and Integration | High-level Talent Team of Medical Devices Visited Kuaye Biology

On September 24, the high-level talent team of medical devices visited kuaye biological company. President Tao and his party warmly received the visiting guests.The visit...




KY-BIO COVID-19 Ag Test Kits Continues to Contribute to the Global Anti Epidemic

KY-BIO COVID-19 antigen test kits help the global anti epidemic and continues to be shipped in large quantities.Global anti epidemic Cooperation (wechat same number): Pre...




KY-BIO COVID-19 Ag Test Kits Help the Global Anti Epidemic

KY-BIO COVID-19 Ag test kits help the global anti epidemic, and a large number of kits are being shipped.Global anti epidemic Cooperation (wechat same number): President ...


诚招代理商Recruitment of agents

Kuaye Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (referred to as ‘Ky-bio’) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D,production,sales and technical service of Clinical diagnostics and enzymes for in-vitro diagnostic industry. And it is invested and established by a professional R&D team in the field of in-vitro diagnostic industry. Ky-bio was founded in 2018, but our technology accumulation started in 1998. We have independent intellectual property rights, and our core products obtained six national invention patents. Since the beginning, Ky-bio has implemented high standard in all aspects in terms of R&D, production, marketing, sales and technical services, to satisfy the needs of our users. “New”,“Special” and “Excellent” are our core concepts. We will bring together the latest technology and continuously launch high-tech and cost-effective products to contribute to the development of in-vitro diagnostic industry and human health. We will provide innovative products、good service and favorable sales policy in recruitment of agents and dealers.

It’s a great honor for us to be cooperation with you!

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